Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow & the Benefit of Baileys!

    I am a girl who likes the odd tipple, indeed have even been known to occasionally topple whilst tippling too much, so imagine my delight when I discovered an alcoholic drink that did not give me heartburn or make me violently ill whilst on chemotherapy.
    I love the French Health System for many reasons, their efficiency, their care, their compassion but most of all for their healthy attitude towards alcohol.
    When I asked my oncologist about the wisdom of having something stronger than tea he looked at me as if I had landed from another planet. Right now, with my bald head, I do actually look like an alien so I rather resented that expression but forgave him as soon as I heard his response.
    "Well of course you must have an aperitif to stimulate the appetite and then once the appetite is stimulated you must have another glass with your meal."
    Obviously to get the full benefit you have to imagine this said in French accompanied by the gorgeous Gaelic shrug.
    So what is this wonder drink I speak of? It is of course - as the title suggests - Baileys.
It's creamy, it's comforting, it soothes and settles the stomach and I have become addicted. 
     I am reliably informed by my niece that there is a cocktail involving Baileys & Cointreau which is called an 'Orgasm.' I think this may be step too far. I'll just settle for the warm glow in the stomach that precedes a climax.
    And the marvellous thing is that you can have a drop any time of the day or night. I find a splash in my early morning coffee works wonders. As I tend to get up early these days my morning coffee (after the dull but obligatory green tea) is often around 8.30am. It feels wicked, sinful, naughty and debauched.... and it is! Oh yes, it most certainly is all of these things... and I don't care.
    One of the joys of being ill, and trust me there are not that many, is that sometimes you can do just what the f**k you like!
    I don't know why it is not more widely talked about in cancer circles, or indeed talked about at all. So in may own small way I am going to remedy that... here I go ... I am shouting it from the roof tops like a town crier...
   "Oyez, Oyez, all you cancer sufferers out there, the Irish based creamy concoction most commonly known as Baileys is good for you - you heard it here first."
   Ok so perhaps 'good for you' is stretching it, but it certainly offers solace in times of need. I may even try spreading it on my head  - who knows, it may promote wonderful hair growth and if not then the dog can lick it off.
    So Mr& Mrs Baileys, or anyone connected to the family however tenuously, I hope you are listening because I am singing your praises here and in return I'll take a case of the glorious stuff.
Many thanks,



  1. Baileys - I'm sure it can't be bad for you, either. In moderation, natch.

    On the subject of heads...could you find a henna artist locally to decorate your dome?

    Hugs xx

  2. Lovely piece Janie, warm, funny and uplifting.

  3. You are an inspiration, Janie Millman! ;) x

  4. I love it, you're an inspiration to us all. When life gives you lemons, you bring out the Baileys and start a blog! Proud of you, lots of love to you both, Sue xx

  5. Good for you, darling! And love the photo! big hugs xxx

  6. Great stuff another inspiring post, you are fab!

  7. So glad you've found something to drink that isn't water. I did worry, you know about you going TT - and that's not tipple toppling.

  8. Does this mean we have to have the dreaded C to be allowed a Baileys? The nation should be told. Love it.

  9. Love Bailey's.....nice to know we can enjoy it together!!! Do I need to get a pink wig, I wore a green one last week but that probably doesn't count!! Keep smiling with or without baileys!
    Liz xx

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