Monday, 3 March 2014


    Driving through the vineyards on my way to radio therapy the other day it occurred to me that my life has been similar to that of a vine recently - no stay with me here  - it will start to make sense I promise.
    For example, last year at roughly the same time as the leaves were falling and the vines were being stripped bare of their plump grapes I too was being stripped bare of my outer covering.
    Whilst the vines shrank and lay dormant throughout the winter, so too did I, crawling under the duvet for hours on end. As the workers nurtured the vines -  my team of nurses nurtured me.

    The vines were fed nutrients from the soil and I was pumped full of poison - OK I never said this was a perfect allegory - but they both had the same goal in end - to keep us healthy and alive.

   And it worked - as Spring approaches and the new tendrils on the vine reach towards the sun so too do the new tendrils on the top of my head.
    I said to my husband that I felt like I was being reborn.
    "What as?" He asked.
    "If I came back as a wine." I persevered. "How would you describe me?"
    He replied without hesitation. "Complex."

    But it is true - like the vines I can feel the energy and strength begin to flow back into me, and like the vines I am hopeful that 2014 will be a vintage year.

   I am being reborn and I'm coming back to life - full bodied and fruity with a slight hint of acidity and a lingering aftertaste.



  1. You always did love big earrings! ;) Love as ever gorgeous girl, Vonny xxxx

  2. Coo, is that hair I see?! And whatever wine you are, you're a fantastic vintage

  3. Look at your hair! Just beautiful :-)

  4. Wonderful news, darling. xxx

  5. I am sure that 2014 will be a vintage year for you. Much love as always xxx

  6. Lovely words and a lovely picture. Love the hair.

  7. Oh Janie, you brave fantastic woman! you are nearing the end of this journey and beginning life anew. I'm so pleased that your energy and strength are coming back - you are right 2014 will be a vintage year for you and all of us lucky enough to call you a friend much love Caro xxxx

  8. This was a lovely post. I have never met you but I really admire this writing and spirit, and, inspired by your new energy am going to try to make my day fruitful too! I hoe you feel better and better each day.