Sunday, 1 June 2014


    My first blog started with the sentence " I was diagnosed with cancer two and a half months ago."
So this - my last cancer post  - will start with the sentence:
 " I was diagnosed without cancer two and a half months ago." (not strictly true but I have finished all the treatment) 

   There, that rounds it off in a neat and orderly fashion  - I like things to be neat and orderly  - I rarely achieve anything neat and orderly myself but I so admire those that do!

    But PLEASE do not de -blog me or un-friend me or whatever it is you do - there are plenty more blogs to come - just not about cancer anymore!

   My oncologist told me that after the treatment I would probably need to time to reflect quietly upon everything. 
     To be honest I am not a great one for reflecting quietly. If I have done something well then the moment I start reflecting on how good it was I can hear my Grandmother's voice saying:
'Pride comes before a fall'.... and immediately I have to stop reflecting. 
    On the other hand if I have done something stupid then there is even less reason to reflect  - frankly if I have made a complete tit of myself then I like to move on swiftly and forget about it -  and hope that others do the same!

    Having said all that - I would like to reflect quietly for a moment.
I would like to reflect on all those who have not been as lucky as me in their journey with cancer.

Tragically we all know someone - maybe several - who didn't make it and because of that the world is a much sadder place.

     You know me well enough by now to know that I usually end by raising a glass and I see no reason to change...
I would like to raise a glass to all those who lost their battle against this bastard disease and wherever they are let's hope that they are also raising a glass.



  1. Yet another great blog. xxxxx

  2. So very VERY glad you are one of the ones who pulled through. The world would have been a much darker place if your lovely light had been extinguished

    1. what a lovely thing to say Catherine!!! XXX

  3. I echo The Captain's sentiment.
    Love you to bits and looking forward to a big, squeezy hug in July.

  4. The BEST news confirmed, Janie! And a truly wonderful piece; beautifully thoughtful reflections indeed! Your doctor will be proud!
    And, moving on, [raids fridge for open bottle of bubbles, it's only 10.20am, but, what the hell] here's to you!
    ...Oh [second glass poured] and here's to Mike!